The best kind of book review, one which involves beer!

Sam Calagione is the owner of Dog Fish Head Brewery.  He was completely unknown to me before the other day, as were his beers.  We don’t get many Dog Fish Head beers over here in Blighty.

I saw the book as highly rated on some generic online purchasing website… ok Amazon and seemed like an inspiring read.  The book is called ‘Brewing up a Business‘ (probably should have mentioned this in the introduction).  Anyway, Sam charts his story of how he created one of the first Craft Beer breweries in the World.  If your British, this means Dog Fish Head was one of the preeminent Craft Breweries in the USA ergo the world.

It is an inspiring story due to the way that Sam set out to be different.  Not only did he buck the trend for mass produced lager and created the first Brew Pub in the State of Delaware selling ‘off centred beer for off centred people’.  He who dares wins.

What is the most incredible thing about Sam talks about the way he grew the business focussing on his passion for beer, local and fresh produce and doing everything he can to ensure the maximum taste and experience for the customer.  Looking back on the book, it is clear to see that whether he knows it or not (and just chooses not to state so explicitly) he has successfully inspired, or at least embodies the whole craft beer movement across the world.

This is what is so great about the craft beer industry.  Pushing the boundaries of what has come before, developing unique and interesting flavours for the benefit of the consumer using the best quality ingredients available.  It is progressive, ‘off centred’ and enriching.

The book is packed full of advice from all aspects of business but it poignantly ends focussing on the ideal of Goodness In Business, or as he explains ‘treating others as you would wish to be treated’.  As my friends at @happystartups would concur, happiness as well as profits can coexist in a business model.  To quote Sam Calagione himself:

‘the exploration of goodness – generating it, encountering it, sharing it, acknowledging it and celebrating it – is what we are all about and from what I have seen at so many other small companies we have worked closely with, or admired from afar, it is at the heart of any entrepreneurial success’.

If you like beer and agree with the above, you have to give this a read!















goodness in business treat ppl as you would wish to be treated




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