Real deal at Crown and Shuttle

Harbour IPA

Harbour IPA

Harbour Amber Ale

Harbour Amber Ale

Finally the closure of the soulless Broadgate Circle drinking establishments in the city of london has forced local city types to venture more than 20 yards to quench their thirsts. The lack of ‘convenience’ has finally convinced (read forced) some to expand their horizons to such places as The Crown and Shuttle on Bishopsgate. It is marvelous to see a pub pouring a variety of local ales (meantime on draft, hackney brewery as well as a host of other cask and bottled beers) to city folk. Not that this is unusual, but clearly the choice of ales, fantastic smelling food van and huge kitsch beer garden has convinced many to flood here for after work drinks, and this place really hits the spot.

I was looking for something new so tried the Harbour Brewing Co Amber Ale (4.4%) which had a sweet nose complemented with a little spice to taste. Fizzy and drinkable like lager but with still the flavour that  a lager drinker could appreciate.  I could certainly taste the bitter after, giving it a well rounded flavour. The caramel it advertised on the label was not quite evident enough on my untrained palate.
Of course next up I had to plump for the IPA (5.2%) from the same purveyors. For me this was much more what I was after…. Filling your nose and palate with big hopy IPA flavours. I can see now that these flavours are what I’m about at the moment.  It was lovely but the flavour mellowed out a little as the drink heated up.
From here on in the Brooklyn lager seemed to dominate. This served as a perfect measure of how my tastes have evolved since I was drinking this stuff in New York back in 2009/10. It was certainly a lot mellower than I remember from back then!
Things got a bit more loose henceforth with shots and spirits more forthcoming but the Crown and Shuttle evolved with it. Bar staff seemed knowledgeable despite the occasional beer served in a warm glass. Great pub which combines east london character with good after work refuelling. And not just your usual overpriced eurolager.

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