Craft Beer Co Field Trip

craft beerThe London Food Tech Meetup was scheduled tonight at The Craft Beer Co in Angel. This is a 'craft beer pub specialising in small batch hand crafted beer'.... apparently. Truth be told it does actually sell a huge range of beer and I was impressed with the bar staff's ability to judge who to serve next... Extra points for them. They were also able to recommend me a good IPA (Sound Wave by Siren Craft Brew, 5.6%) followed by a Wit (Gentlemans Wit, by Camden Brewery, 4.3%). 

I was loving the fact that I was in a true beer drinkers pub. I knew this when a gentleman came in and asked for a particular beer and upon hearing it was not available until next week, he promptly left! The two kids behind me ordering half pints with obvious snobbery had clearly graduated from alcho-pops at an early age.  

I started with the IPA simply because I knew what I was ordering and to avoid any awkwardness over not knowing what to order due to the overwhelming choice of beverages. It was big in orange flavour and very pungent orangey aroma. To taste, it was strong and tangy. Not sure whether my lack of food had anything to do with it but it slipped down well and certainly felt like I'd had a few more than a single pint! 

With my new found interest, the Gentleman's Wit was my first knowingly ordered Wit beer. All Wits will be judged against the benchmark of this smooth but sour beer. It was very cloudy and Lemony as well without being too lemony bitter. Definitely similar to a hoegarden although nicer than I remember hoegarden being! It was a good refreshing summer beer. 

Met some great people involved in a number of interesting food/tech businesses in london. Olly, who started his own energy bars with his last £10 has inspired me to brew my own beer. I think that's a cool project > learn, create, develop, sell? Parents may have to clear some space from the garage! 


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