Tonight I was drinking….

Love midweek days off! Gave me a chance to work on my golf swing, shop for some ingredients for supper and purchase a few ales for the evening.

OK so Kedgeree is not your average dish for supper but the haddock in the fridge inspired me to cook this for the first time.  So tonight my focus was on finding the most interesting domestically brewed ales from Tesco which I had not tried before.

I was pleasantly surprised by the choice on offer at Tesco and the way they arranged their beers shelf by shelf, in terms of flavour.  In the end I plumped for:

Brew Dog Punk, IPA, 330ml 5.6%

Boilermaker, Welsh Whisky IPA, 330ml 6.5%

St Peter’s, Ruby Red Ale, 500ml 4.3%

Old Growler, Robust Superior Dark Beer, 500ml 5.5%

Ok so I have had Punk IPA before but I absolutely love this beer! This is definitely the beer that changed my mind on IPA’s, so I simply could not pass up the opportunity.  I love the bitter after taste and how it lingers in your mouth, well past swallowing.  For me it is also refreshingly citrus and so incredibly moreish!

The Boilermaker was smooth, sweet and fruity without being overly sweet like some fruit beers.  I have never had a whisky beer before and I was pleasantly surprised by the sourness of the whisky against the sweetness of the fruity flavours.  Very drinkable I found.  Could easily drink more!

The Ruby Red has interesting flavours which i cant quite pick out.  To me it is the liquorish which stands out the most but it is lightened up a tad by some fruity flavours.  It is quite hopy but not overly so as it still remains quite smooth as you sip it, but the hop flavour does remain in the mouth after you swallow, but not in a bad way.

Onto the Growler… what a great name. So i think my taste buds and my brain maybe a little confused after drinking all of the above but this is the darkest beer of the bunch.  It looks a little like Coca Cola, but tastes much better. For me there is a strong flavour of coffee and smooth but bitter taste – not overwhelmingly bitter (am i making sense here?).  I’m happily sipping away enjoying the depth of flavours of my first  Porter I have knowingly drunk.


Tonight I was drinking...

Tonight I was drinking…

Kedgeree with coriander and chilli
Kedgeree with coriander and chilli


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