Beer Odyssey Begins at Parliament

Born Free

Born Free

Sajid's Choice

Sajid’s Choice

not a bad drinking spot

not a bad drinking spot

I’m on a journey to understand more about beer.  Luckily this means I need to try lots of different beers and I’m going to attempt to write about a few of them on my blog….. Where better a venue to begin! UNESCO World Heritage Site, Grade 1 Listed, Home of House of Lords and House of Commons, previous residence to the Kings and Queens of England… the list goes on and it certainly didn’t disappoint.

After a brief tour of the ground floor of Parliament taking in the central lobby and Westminster Hall we settled down for drinks on the Terrace. Typical of an English Summer evening, it was grey and overcast with a small bite in the air when the wind blew easterly along The Thames! Nevertheless, we were very content with the view from our seats over the river from the ‘other side’.

The Strangers Bar supplies members with a decent range of lagers, Guinness and 2 guest ales at extremely wallet friendly prices! I was reliably informed that each Member of Parliament has an opportunity to introduce a barrel or two of beer from breweries within their local constituencies over the course of the year, thus maintaining a steady flow of interesting beers from around the UK.

On Monday night the choices were Born Free (Banks & Taylor, 4.8%) and Sajid’s Choice (Bird’s Brewery, 3.8%). Both were very smooth drinking, handy for a lunch time pint before Prime Minister’s Question Time, I guess! Although the little blackboard with a few tasting notes suggested Sajid’s choice had a hoppy flavour it didn’t quite deliver on that front for me. Probably should have guessed by the 3.8% vol. Both beers were golden in colour, the Sajid’s Choice having a little more yeast in suspense and both were light enough to chug down on a Monday evening without laying you out for the rest of the week!

When the wind got up a bit, we dove back inside to the safety of the bar and kept an ear out for the latest political scandal unfolding.



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